The Santa Paula Chili Cookoff & Festival is looking for HomeStyle Cooks for our 1st cookoff.  There will be great prizes and fun had by all.  All proceeds benefit the Santa Clara Valley Hospice and Home Support Group Inc.  The Hospice organization assists 200 clients monthly with liquid nutrition, hygiene packs and physical care items.  They offer support for families during difficult times.  We appreciate everyone’s support.
Come on out to the city of Santa Paula and enjoy the live entertainment, kids zone, beer booth and food and craft vendors.  

Leanne Thompson

The Santa Paula Chili Cookoff & Festival is looking for HomeStyle Cooks for our 1st cookoff.  There will be great prizes and fun had by all.  All proceeds benefit the Santa Clara Valley Hospice and Home Support Group Inc.  The Hospice organization assists 200 clients monthly with liquid nutrition, hygiene packs and physical care items.  They offer support for families during difficult times.  We appreciate everyone’s support.


Come on out to the city of Santa Paula and enjoy the live entertainment, kids zone, beer booth and food and craft vendors. 


Leanne Thompson


It’s that time again for the incredible Tustin Street Fair and Chili Cookoff.  If you are planning to enter, please do so thru the ICS website as spaces are pre-assigned and fill up fast.  Remember, there is NO ENTRY FEE and the prize money is fantastic.

Red – 1st $1000; 2nd $500; 3rd $250

People’s choice – 1st $500; 2nd $250; 3rd $100

Salsa – Trophy

Last year they had nearly 40,000 hungry chili eaters, so bring as much as you can to keep them happy!  When you arrive, go to the VIP tent to sign in and receive your booth number, which will be the number you use for your people’s choice. 

9:00 – All vehicles must be off of the streets

10:30 – People’s choice cooks meeting held by the Tustin Chamber.

            Immediately following we will conduct our normal mandatory ICS cook’s

            meeting, so DO NOT LEAVE after the first meeting.  We will distribute the

            salsa and chili cups immediately following our meeting.

11:30 – Salsa turn-in and Salsa judges meeting

12:00 – Red Chili cooks light your fires

2:30 – Red Chili judges meeting

3:00 – Red Chili turn-in

4:30 – Awards announced (approx.)

Hope to see you there!  Dennis and Allene Macklin.  Any questions, please contact us 928-566-1336,

Lake Havasu Chili Cookoff Results

It was a fantastic day in beautiful Lake Havasu City with the cookoff site within walking distance to the clear blue lake and the incredible boat show.  The weather got up to around 98 degrees but there was a slight breeze which helped keep the heat to a minimum.  Thanks to everyone who participated and supported this cookoff - it will be a Regional next year, possibly with more prize money!  We hope you will be back in 2015 and would appreciate any feedback (good or bad) in order to make it an even better event next year.  There was a suggestion from a few people that we consider a back-to-back with a District cook-off on Saturday and the Regional on Sunday.  Unfortunately, this will not work as the boat show shuts down at 3:00 pm on Sunday, making it very difficult for anyone to leave the area until nearly 7:00 pm.

We were very pleased and honored to have many special “chili heads” attend the event which included Dave and Carol Hancock, Steve and Linda Porter, Bob and Kathy Plager (we hear he passed out many pounds of prunes - no wonder the restrooms were always crowded!), Jim and Wilma Maehl (thanks you two for pitching in where needed as always).  Also in attendance and judging were Rollie and Sharon Ayers and Bill and Marilou Corrao.  A big thank you goes to the scorekeepers, Louise Dinneweth, Kathy Plager, Sharon Ayers and, of course, the amazing Donnie Gordon, and a special thanks to Bob Dinneweth who, as always did a great job as Chief Judge.   Also, a huge thanks to Walt Lloyd and Linda Gill for their help and also for running the raffle, and to Val Gereghty for obtaining the extra prizes for the Salsa and Verde winners. 

And now here are the winners…….

Peoples’ Choice

2nd – Mark Haught - $100

1st – Charles Harbor - $250


3rd – Bob Wiseman - $25

2nd – Mark Haught - $50

1st – Ken Hook - $100 plus a one hour Jet Ski certificate – THIS MADE HIS HAT TRICK!

Chili Verde

3rd – Mike Fenley - $100

2nd – Paul Whitley - $200

1st – LeeRoy Watson - $300 plus 2 free nights at the London Bridge Resort

Red Chili

5th – Sheila Beller - $100

4th – Mike Ford - $200

3rd – Dick Swenberger - $300

2nd – Gene Beller - $500

1st – Mike “Ughlee” Austin - $1000 plus 2 free beach front rooms at the Nautical Resort

Thanks again everyone, see you on the chili trail!

Dennis and Allene Macklin

Lake Havasu Chili Cookoff and Boat Show - April 12, 2014

As of April 9, we now have 22 red chili, 14 chili verde and 9 salsa contestants signed up.  We need one more salsa entry to revert back to prize money versus 100% payout!  Even though we have 22 red chili cooks signed up, we would like TWO more cooks if possible to cover anyone who has signed up but can’t participate for some reason. 

If you are planning to set up on Friday, please arrive between Noon and 3:00 pm (not 9:00 am as previously stated).  We are having fencing and tables delivered in the morning and Dennis needs to layout the site before anyone arrives to set up.  We appreciate your cooperation with this request.

You can begin arriving around 7:00 am on Saturday, and there will be a cooks’ meeting at 9:00 am, salsa turn in is at 11:00 am.  Verde cooking time is 10:00-1:00 and red cooking time is 12:00-3:00.  We are told the Health Dept. will be there around 9:30 am to begin their inspections.  Because of the large public crowd still attending the Boat Show, you will not be able to bring your vehicle into the cook-off site to tear down until after the announcements.  You can, of course, tear down and make trips to your car, which will be very close to the site, and we’ll have a wagon for your use if you don’t have one.

Below are links with directions to the local grocery stores for your reference

Smith’s Food & Drug Center (928) 680-7277 80 Acoma Blvd N, Lake Havasu City, AZGet Directions

Safeway (928) 855-7760 1650 Mcculloch Blvd N, Lake Havasu City, AZGet Directions

Albertsons Delicatessen (928) 854-5300 1980 Mcculloch Blvd N, Lake Havasu City, AZGet Directions

Bashas’ (928) 854-9550 3269 Maricopa Ave, #120, Lake Havasu City, AZGet Directions

Also, for your convenience, below is a link to all of the great restaurants to choose from in Lake Havasu.

We hope to hear from you and better yet, see you in beautiful Lake Havasu this weekend.  If you have any questions, please contact Dennis and Allene Macklin, 928-566-1336,





Red Entry Fee:            $35.00

Green Fee:                   $30.00

Salsa Fee:                    $15.00

Red Prizes are: 1st.  $500.00

                               2nd $300.00

                               3rd  $200.00

Chili Verde Prizes:   $300.00



Salsa Prize is $100.00

PC Award is $100.00

As always all non ICS members must join the ICS for $50.00 or if applicable renew your membership.

When and if you send in your app, I would appreciate it if you would send me an email saying that you will be there and what you are cooking. That way I can at least have a head count, since Rhonda doesn’t forward a copy of the apps to me.

Thanks, Bobbie


Start the summer off right with  back to back cookoffs. June 8, 2014 the Little Flower School in Springfield Illinois invites you to the Heritage days chili Cookoff featuring Red, Verde and Salsa contests. The Missouri State will be the day prior in Clarksville, so make a weekend of it. There will be a band, fair food and plenty of fun. Tables and chairs provided, and you’ll be cooking under a tent. Chief Judge and scorekeeper will be the renowned chili cook Tom Calvert.

Contact Larry Eastep (217 622-3805) for details, or go to the ICS website


Greetings Chili Heads from Cincinnati, Ohio!

Mark your calendars, and join us for a full weekend of ICS Sanctioned Chili Cookoffs in the Cincinnati Area!  May 2-4, 2014 will be the kickoff of the Greater Cincinnati Fire Fighters ChiliFest & Fire Games. 

The net proceeds will benefit the Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati and the Northern KY Fire Memorial.  Sign up today!
In addition to a lot of cookoffs, we will also have live music, fire fighter challenges,  working on doing something Derby related, and more to come. 

This event will include a Home Style Cookoff on late Friday afternoon and two new District Cookoffs on Saturday & Sunday with Red, Verde, & Salsa.  We feel confident with the local fire fighter support and area chili heads that all will be qualifiers!

The entry fees will be as follows:

Home Style $30; Salsa $20; Verde $30; Red $40.  
Red Chili Prizes are $1,000-1st; $300-2nd; $100-3rd.
Verde Prizes are $500-1st; $150-2nd; $50-3rd.
Salsa Prizes are $300-1st; $100-2nd; $50-3rd.
HomeStyle Prizes are $300-1st; $100-2nd; $50-3rd.
Best Booth Prizes are $100-1st; $50-2nd.

Chief Judge & Scorekeeper will be Diane & Larry Lentz.

Cooks to provide their own tents, tables, chairs, etc.

Hotel accommodations will be at the Comfort Suites at $99-$109; call 859-291-6700 - Group Rate - Chili Cookoff.

To register, use the ICS Website or contact Geo Phelps of Chili Rocks at or 513-207-1085.


Hi Everybody,

For a new one on me (who joined ICS in 1981) we had back-to-back cookoffs, each with “all three” – Salsa, Verde and Red – on the same day. “Chili Chicks # 1” and “Chili Chicks #2”, that replaced a half-decade of “Acreage Chili and Music Festival” Saturday/Sunday cookoffs in Loxahatchee FL.

The new venue was beautiful Kelsey Park - on the western shore of the Intracoastal Waterway - in the town of Lake Park Florida; that’s in Palm Beach County for non-South Floridians. The day was blessed with a gorgeous ‘South Florida Chamber of Commerce’ weather, enhanced by the fact that both cookoffs resulted in WCCC 2014 qualifiers in all three categories.

As he has done since his first cookoff many moons ago, Chairman Robert Trepp kicked off the weekend with a terrific Cooks & Judges Party on Friday night at the Blue Lagoon Restaurant and Bar; delicious heavy hors oeuvres, beer and live entertainment – hard liquor on your nickel. On Saturday the cookoffs were again up to his prior very highest standards, as commented by all the cooks (and judges) involved; thanks Robert plus your superb team.

Another success – and big winner – was the Kiwanis Club who was the beneficiary from the sale of People’s Choice Tasting Kits and Ballots. There was a steady stream of people (of all ages) tasting chili right from the opening, and continuing during both cookoffs; the cooks on their part, came through like the champs they are with chili during the entire time – great job…plus a happy crowd, which is always an excellent indicator for a bigger/better event next year.

Moving to the winners - all Florida resident cooks at that time; to include a couple of “Snowbirds” who had not yet migrated north:



3rd Place          Allen Case

2nd Place         Tyler White

1st Place          Larry Weltikol – going to the WCCC

Chili Verde

3rd Place          Jan Sprouse

2nd Place         Debbie Sinclair

1st Place          Don Sprouse – going to the WCCC

Traditional Red Chili

3rd Place          Jan Sprouse

2nd Place         Sue Sprouse

1st Place          Dave Sinclair – going to the WCCC



3rd Place          Mena McAfee

2nd Place         Jan Sprouse

1st Place          Allen Case – going to the WCCC; completed his Hat Trick

Chili Verde

3rd Place          Eric Patterson

2nd Place         Richard Patterson

1st Place          Larry Weltikol – going to the WCCC; 2/3 of his Hat Trick on same day

Traditional Red Chili

3rd Place          Alyssa Jones

2nd Place         Paul Nunn (reigning #2 Red in the World)

1st Place          Jan Sprouse – going to the WCCC

All-in-all a great event and pretty successful experiment; albeit a fairly long and busy day for everyone involved. However among those who count the most – to wit: the cooks – the two-in-one-day format received highly positive reviews.

From the judging perspective (and using essentially two sets of judges), I also agree it worked well. However I would like to add one small caveat “heads-up”, for the benefit of others considering it.

April is, and these cookoffs happened, at the tail-end of the Florida “Chili Year”; with lots of the cooks already qualified in several of the cooking events. Therefore all the judging for both cookoffs was “Finals Table” only; where one hour was sufficient to do a good job.

Add Preliminary and Finals Tables…and in the worst case scenario from a length of the day perspective – i.e. everything needing Prelims - you’re probably looking at an additional three hours. Therefore you’re talking a 13 hour day best case from Cooks Meeting to Awards; that is pretty heavy in anybody’s book.

On the other hand, with only two sets of Prelims – historically (from experience) the two Reds – IMHO I believe it will still work fine. Therefore, thought I’d pass that thought on to any Chairmen/Chief Judges who might want to consider the format

And as mentioned earlier, this closes Marshall’s and my “2014 Florida Chili Year” after nine cookoffs. One to go - “Fire on the Mountain” July 11 & 12 at Snowshoe WV – and we’re looking forward to seeing/catching-up with many of our Snowshoe regular “Northern Cooks & Friends”

And before I start getting a bunch of flack about to geography and latitudes: in Florida, out-of- state is “North” by definition; something supported by the fact that there was one day this past winter, where it was reported that Florida was the only continental State where no snow had fallen. Therefore; I hereby refer to “Northern” Cooks & Friends, who should hopefully by July have recovered/thawed-out from an absolutely ridiculous winter…and with whom we empathized as we watched on TV.

Sergei Kowalchik

Chief Judge


Come on Chiliheads, time is getting closer.  Please send in your apps even if you don’t know if you can make it, that way we will have a decent head count if you do. We aren’t even close to the number we need.

Cookoff  Information:

Set up time  starts:      7:00 am

Cooks  Meeting:            9:00  am

Verde Cooking  Time  10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Salsa  Turn in                11:30  am

Red Cooking  Time       12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Entry Fees:

Red Chili: $35.00 + 1 gal  of PC

Verde Chili $25.00 + 1 gal  of PC

Salsa $15.00


Red Chili:  1st.  $500.00, 2nd. $300.00, 3rd. $100.00

Verde           1st  $300.00, 2nd. $200.00, 3rd. $100.00

Salsa:          1st. $100.00, 2nd. $50.00,   3rd. $25.00

People’s Choice 1st.  $100.00, 2nd $50.00, 3rd $25.00

Best Booth:  Trophy

If you have any questions  please contact Bob Scopel at or by  phone at 714-274-5829


It was a nice mid-70’s day in Perris with plenty of sunshine and a lot of great cooks.  The American Legion once again did a fantastic job organizing this fun, relaxed cookoff and a good time was had by all.  A big thank you goes to Berney Foley and his remarkable staff in making all the cooks feel at home.  The best news is this remains a Regional cookoff as we had 20 red chili, 11 chili verde and 10 salsa cooks.  We look forward to another successful year in 2015. 

And now the winners…..

Peoples Choice 

Tony Angotti


Eileen Beaty

Chili Verde:

1st – Clark McGee

2nd – Eileen Beaty (nice day Eileen!)

3rd – Armando Sanchez

Red Chili:

1st – Sachiko Brecke

2nd – Steve Taylor

3rd – Ron Harris

4th (honorable mention) – Steve Crawford

5th (honorable mention) – Darlene Taylor and Jim Beaty

Thanks to all of the judges who showed up to support the cookoff and also to Ken Hook, Tony Austin and Carol Piri for assisting with the scorekeeping.

See you all again next year!

Dennis and Allene Macklin

Lake Havasu Chili Cookoff and Boat Show - April 12, 2014

As of April 5, we have 18 red chili, 12 chili verde and 7 salsa contestants signed up.  That means WE NEED TWO MORE RED COOKS to make this a Regional cook-off.  Even though the ICS website states it’s a District, if we reach the minimum requirement, it automatically becomes a Regional and the winners advance to the 2014 WCCC finals!!  If we don’t get 10 salsa entries, we will revert back to the 100% payout rather than the previously stated prize money.  So, come on Chiliheads, we are so close to becoming a Regional, so please enter on line or contact us, and have a fantastic time in beautiful Lake Havasu.  The weather is expected to be in the high 80’s and you can check out the incredible boat show and car show, plus watch water ski races on the lake while you’re cooking!

Remember, the Health Dept. is still telling us they will not accept walk-in contestants, so PLEASE, PLEASE let us know if you think you’ll be participating, either via email, phone or thru the ICS website.  We need to provide them with the final list this Friday by Noon.

If you’re hanging out here thru Sunday, don’t forget about the fun “anything goes” chili serving between 10:00-1:00 where you will receive $2 for each ticket the public puts in your ballot box.  The voting is the same as Saturday – they give their ticket to the cook’s chili they like the best.  You can leave your booth set up as there is 24-hour security and you can set up on Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm (no later).

We hope to hear from you and better yet, see you in Lake Havasu on April 12.  If you have any questions, please contact Dennis and Allene Macklin, 928-566-1336,


Wednesday I checked the weather in Cal City for the weekend… It said wind on Saturday. It blew the all the way on Thursday and began to ease off Friday. I think the man was watching out for us as I drove home in wind all the way. It came back after the cookoff. Friday nite’s results:

Beef Stew Challenge (10 Contestants)

3rd Place - Jim Beaver

2nd Place - Jim LaTendresse

1st Place - John Jepson

Saturday was beautiful and stayed that way all day. Starting with breakfast provided by the Legion at 7am. Capt Jim did his usual great job as Chief Judge. Scorekeepers were Donnie Gordon, Pat Morosky, Louise Dinneweth, Carol and John Piri. Bob Dinneweth , Bob Dyer and Norm Gaul covered the judging area with Dirty Ole Phil covering wherever needed. As Phil will be consulting only next year, there were several new Legion members paying close attention and Randy will Chair the event next year. And the winners were:

People’s Choice

Chuck Harber

Salsa (10 Contestants)

3rd Place - Ken Hook, CA

2nd Place - Karl “Smitty” Smith, CA

1st Place - Jim Beaty, CA

Chili Verde (19 Contestants)

3rd Place - Armando Sanchez, CA

2nd Place - Eileen Beaty, CA

1st Place - Chuck Harber, CA

Red Chili (30 Contestants)

5th Place (unbroken tie) - Sonny Allen, NV & Jim Beaty, CA

4th Place - Irene Menchaca, CA

3rd Place - Sachiko Brecke, CA

2nd Place - Ron Burt, CA

1st Place - Barry Steinberg, CA

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the cooks and volunteers for a job well done. See ya in VA City!



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